Front side Trajan
Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus, commonly known as Trajan, was a Roman Emperor who reigned from 98 until his death in 117. He is best known for launching military campaings, such as Dacian Wars (101-102, 105-106), two brief wars between the Roman Empire and Dacia, and expansion to the east. It is under his rule, that the Empire reached its greatest territorial extent.
Back side Tropaeum Traiani, Triumphal Arch,
On the back, main motive is the »Tropaeum Traiani«, a monument in town Adamclisi, today Romania, which was built in 109 in then Moesia Inferior, to commemorate Roman Emperor Trajan's victory over the Dacians, in 102, in the Battle of Tapae. Coin for 1 denarius has depicted a Trajan column on it, while in the back there is the map of Roman Empire, showing it's greatest territorial extent made under his rule. Also, we can see two sketches in the back, one of many Roman triumphal arches built during his reign, and secondly an aquaduct, which were constructed in order to convey water from one location to another.
Dum spiro, spero - While I breathe, I hope.